corporate registries

Corporate Registries


How to Incorporate/Register a Business or Non-Profit Body (Info)

How to dissolve or revive a Legal Entity (Info)

Obligations and Responsibilities After Incorporation or Registration (Info)

Alberta Corporations

Extra-Provincial Corporations (Numbered Company) (Forms)

Extra-Provincial Corporations (Named Company Required NUANS Search Included) (Forms) 

Annual Return (Forms)

Notice Of Change Of Director’s (Forms)

Notice Of Change Of Address (Forms)

Articles of Dissolution (Forms)

Trade Names / Partnerships

Declaration of Trade Name (Forms)

Declaration of Partnership (Forms)

Declaration of Address Change (Forms)

Declaration of Ceasing to Carry on Business Under a Trade Name (Forms)

Declaration of Dissolution of Partnership (Forms)

Charitable Organizations / Societies

Charitable Organization Application (Forms)

Society Application (Forms)

Additional Info/Corporate Forms (Incorporations Etc.) (Forms)

Additional Info/Corporate Forms (Amendments & Changes Etc.) (Forms)


Corporate Services

Corporate Services

We Provide:

  • Annual Return Registration
  • Alberta Company Incorporation
  • Corporate Searches 
  • Historical Searches 
  • NUANS Searches
  • Tradename & Partnership Registration
  • Certificate of Status - Corporation 
  • Corporation Name Change
  • Partnership & Trade Name Searches
  • Dissolve a Corporation
  • Corporation Revivals 
  • Extra-Provincial Registration 

Corporate Searches: A Corporate Search is done when information about an existing incorporated company is required. The report includes the corporate access number, the date of incorporation, company's registered address, current directors and shareholders of the company as well as a filing history list of documents filed with corporate registry.NUANS Searches: A Nuans Search is a search of registered business names. This search request is a required element when incorporating a named company in Alberta. It will include all closely matching names in Alberta and any exact matches found. Numbered companies are not required to obtain a Nuans Search at incorporation.Various Corporate Registry service request forms are available through our Downloadable Forms menu at the top of the page.